Half-Priced Foods

Get your groceries at half the price of big box retailers!

Save Money Now

Who doesn’t love to save? Offering the essentials and so much more at half price. From coffee, vitamins, baby products, cleaning products at a fraction of retail. So come in and check out just how much money you can save.
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Half of Retail

We buy overstock. This means we don’t always carry the same items but you can be sure we will always have great finds.

Discount Days

We run special discount days to mark down our already-low prices. Sign up for our notifications to know when you can save even more!

Price Slashing

We don’t price match we price slash. Show us the price of the exact same product sold for less at a big box retailer and we’ll sell the item 50% off! Visit our FAQs page for more details on price-matching.

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